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French utility EDF plans to cut operating costs by €500 million (US$587.7 million) up to 2022, and aims to generate €3 billion...

French utility EDF on Wednesday raised its nuclear power generation forecast for 2020, to between 315 TWh and 325 TWh, from 300 TW...

2021年最简单的上外网方法:2021年最简单的上外网方法 - 因为一些众所周知的原因,国外的许多站点都已经打不开了,我们发现在2021年,越来越多的国内科学上网软件都倒闭了,即使偶尔坚持下来的几款科学上网软件,也是三天两头的打不开,在使用了多款国内科学上网软件以后,现在对于国内的科学上网软件基本上已经失望 ...

Unit 5 of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in China's Jiangsu province has attained a sustained chain reaction for the first time....

ASX-listed Paladin Energy Limited was pleased to announce results of the Langer Heinrich Mine Restart Plan during the quarter, whi...

  • TVO's Olkiluoto 1 & 2, 860 MWe (net) BWRs, are in Finland.
    Unit 3 is under construction, and Unit 4 has been approved.

TradeTech – the leading independent provider of uranium prices and nuclear fuel market information – consulting and supply/demand analysis

We provide weekly and monthly price indicators that are widely referenced as settlement prices for long-term contract deliveries of:
- Uranium (yellowcake or U3O8)
- Uranium hexafluoride (UF6) conversion, and
- Uranium enrichment (SWU)

Nuclear Market Review (weekly & monthly)
- Uranium prices
- Industry news
- Uranium market data

手机上境外网加速软件 (monthly)
- Uranium prices & market review
- Feature articles
- Topical analysis
- Uranium market

Forecast Reports/Market Studies
- Uranium
- UF6 Conversion
- Uranium Enrichment

Specialized Consulting Reports, such as:
- Procurement and sales support,
- Competitor analysis, and
- Long-term strategies for purchase and sales.

* Price delayed; real-time U3O8 price is available to subscribers only.

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